managing director

Griet De Ceuster is general manager of Transport & Mobility Leuven. She is involved in long term forecasts, policy evaluations and indicators for sustainable mobility. In 2005, Griet De Ceuster was the project leader of the mid-term assessment of the White Paper of transport for the European Commission. She is also leading transport- and emission modelling studies for the Flemish and Belgian government, and for the European Commission (TREMOVE model). She was involved in several research programmes on road congestion indicators, long term transport prognoses, pricing issues, external costs and transport technologies. Griet De Ceuster studied traffic engineering and economics at the KU Leuven and the TU Delft.

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project management

Veerle Vranckx obtained her degree in office management in Heverlee, and completed her studies with a degree in European management in Kortrijk. She also has a certificate of 6 years Spanish obtained at the CLT, Leuven. She started working here after a career of 10 years at IMEC, where she executed several administrative tasks. At TML, she works as administrative project coordinator and assures the follow-up of the different projects. She is also responsible for the website maintenance and the newsletter.

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accountancy & administration

Leen Verbist studied Tourism. After having experience as a secretary at different companies, she started as a management assistant at Fost Plus. This is an organisation which promotes, coordinates, and finances the selective collection, sorting, and recycling of household packaging waste. Leen executed several administrative tasks for 17 years at Fost Plus, and during the last years her tasks became more IT- and accountancy-related. With this experience and knowledge, Leen works in TML, where she takes charge of the accountancy and administration.

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Lars Akkermans holds a master in Psychology. Lars works as researcher at TML specialised in modelling human behaviour. His main area of expertise is the analysis of the mobility and safety effects that result from the introduction of new technologies and policies. Changes in human behaviour, and the associated impacts on society and the environment are central in his work. Past projects include the effects from vehicle technology, road infrastructure, legislation (both national and European) on mobility, and as such includes the monetisation of costs and benefits. Before joining TML, he worked for the Belgian Road Safety Institute and TNO Human Factors as a researcher, specialised in road safety.

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Tim Breemersch holds a master in Applied Economics and a master degree in Environmental Science and Technology. He worked as a Business analyst for DHL international and is now working for TML specializing in the modelling and economic evaluation of environmental policies. His research is oriented towards energy efficiency and emissions of passenger and freight transport, both on a regional and international (European) level. The TREMOVE model, of which Tim is one of the managers and developers for TML, is a frequently used tool in these projects. Combining his economic and technical background, at macro level Tim has worked on assessing the impact of policy changes on the competitive position of different transport modes. On micro level, he has been involved in several social cost-benefit analyses of (transport)infrastructure.

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Kristof Carlier is civil engineer and is EIR expert for the Flemish Government, assigned to draw up reports on environmental effects related to mobility. After completing a project at the KU Leuven, he has worked for TNO (NL) and MINT as consultant. He is active in the field of traffic simulation and transport modelling. He cooperated on numerous projects using microsimulation models, the macroscopic model OmniTRANS, applications with the Flemish strategic transport models, and several freight transport models. He is also experienced in calculating transport-related emissions an in road works management of large infrastructure projects.

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Kristof Carlier
Ruben Corthout is a civil engineer, specialised in traffic modelling.  He obtained a PhD in Engineering at the Traffic & Infrastructure group at the KU Leuven. With an emphasis on intersection modelling and congestion dynamics, he specialized in traffic simulation models. He works at TML as a researcher on regional,  European and urban transport and traffic models, focusing on the theoretic development as well as the practical application and result analysis.

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Ruben Corthout
Hanne De Naegel graduated as a MSc in Engineering in transport, logistics, and intelligent transportation systems. For her thesis she investigated the prioritisation of public transport at intersections controlled by traffic lights. After her studies she started working at Eurostation on mobility studies for various station projects. She is experienced in macroscopic traffic models and the development of transportation simulation models. She works at TML as a traffic engineering researcher.

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Eef Delhaye is senior researcher at TML and specialized at transport economics. Her main areas of work and responsibilities deal with Social Cost Benefit Analyses, external costs, traffic safety, the development of indicators and the effects of (transport) policy on environment and society. Eef holds a PhD degree of Science in Economics, obtained at the KU Leuven. During her PhD she also worked on several European projects.

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Dirk Engels is master of Science in Transport Engineering (obtained at the KU Leuven) and is EIR expert for the Flemish Government, LNE, in the field ‘Human’, Mobility, assigned to draw up a report on environmental effects. He also followed a post graduate course ‘Urbanism and Spatial Planning’. He worked for 25 years for TRITEL as a project manager and director. He supports TML as independent mobility expert with his broad expertise in the design and management of traffic systems and traffic modelling. He played an active role in a wide range of studies on urban; regional and EU level making mobility impact studies and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and designing multi-modal transport systems. He also participated actively in a large number of studies on EU level as Evaluation Manager , Project manager or supporting expert ( e.g. CHAMP, QUEST, CIVITAS ELAN, CIVITAS VIVALDI, …). 

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Dirk Engels
Rodric Frederix graduated in 2007 as a Civil Engineer at the KU Leuven, after which he started a PhD in Transport Engineering. During his doctoral research, he specialized in the development of specialized algorithms for the calibration of the demand side in traffic models. He also gained experience in the development and application of macroscopic traffic models. Since 2012 he works for TML, where he has been working on the further development of several applied general equilibrium models such as EDIP and ISEEM. He is also responsible for the impact assessment using these applied general equilibrium models in several national and European projects.

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Rodric Frederix
Christophe Heyndrickx is bio engineer in Environmental and Agricultural Economics and holds a master degree in Advanced Economics. He specializes in modelling regional and national economic policy, using applied general equilibrium modelling. He was involved in several model development projects on national and European level and is responsible for the further development of applied general equilibrium modelling at TML. He was involved in the calculation of indices for the social, environmental and economic sustainability of transport and sustainable development of the economy in general. 

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Sven Maerivoet holds a PhD degree in traffic engineering. Within TML he is a member of the Data Enrichment Group. His expertise mainly lies in transportation planning models, traffic flow theory, giving courses and lectures, numerical and statistical analysis of various big data, travel time loss functions, multi-agent systems, sustainability effects in cities, external costs of road congestion, the related parking problems and innovative technological solutions, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), road user charging, autonomous vehicles and Open Data. He is also an active member of several working groups in the ITS Belgium organisation, member of the advisory council of the Flemish Institute for Mobility (VIM), and reviewer for various scientific journals.    

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Inge Mayeres has a PhD in economics (KU Leuven). She worked at VITO and at the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau. Before that she was a postdoctoral researcher of the Fund of Scientific Research Flanders and did research at the Centre for Economic Studies of the KU Leuven. During her career she has made economic evaluations of various aspects of transport policy. For example she analysed innovative transport pricing systems such as road pricing, the reform of car taxation, the effects of environmentally harmful transport subsidies, the international benchmarking of local public transport, the service quality at public transport nodes and the interaction between transport and spatial policy. In addition, she has expertise in European transport policy, the development of long term transport outlooks and the determinants of the external costs of transport.    

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Inge Mayeres
Prof. Stef Proost works as independent economic expert for TML. He holds a licentiate and Master in Economics, as well as a PhD in Economics. Stef is full professor of Economics at the KU Leuven and teaches transport, energy and environment economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business and at the Engineering Faculty. His areas of expertise are economic analysis of energy, environment, transport, public economy problems using quantitative approaches including the multi-level government dimension.

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Alloysius Joko Purwanto is a civil engineer from Indonesia with experience in evaluation and feasibility studies of several transport infrastructure projects of the country. He also holds master and doctoral degrees from France in transport economics with social sustainability in transport and mobility as his speciality. He has worked as well as research fellow in transport and energy sectors at the DG Joint Research Centre - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission in Seville, Spain. At TML, he works as researcher in transport and emission modelling.

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Gitte Van Den Bergh graduated with a degree in Physics and also obtained a degree in Additional studies in Informatics. After her studies she joined TRITEL (later Tractebel Engineering), where she specialised in the use and development of macroscopic traffic models. She also contributed to the development of various urban models, the modelling of port-related traffic flows and the simulation of parking behaviour. Currently she works at TML as a researcher in traffic and transport models.

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Gitte Van Den Bergh
Sebastian Vanderlinden graduated with a degree in economics at the KU Leuven and completed graduate studies in Louvain-la-Neuve. After having worked as a research assistant at the faculty of economics of the KU Leuven and as a macro-economic analyst at the Belgian export credit agency, he joined TML as a junior researcher in 2017. Sebastian is particularly interested in issues related to sustainable mobility policies.

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Sebastian Vanderlinden
Kris Vanherle is a biochemical engineer and holds a master degree in environmental sciences. After working for a year and a half as a stock and a logistic manager in an assembling company, he is now researcher at TML. He has broad expertise in the environmental aspects of transport and has managed several studies for European national governments on behalf of TML. A key research field in which Kris is active, is the quantification of emissions emitted by the various transport modes. To this end he developed and managed various emission models (EMMOSS, TREMOVE, ...). In relation to this, Kris is regularly involved in impact analysis of various measures to reduce environmental impact of transport (eco-taxation, CO2 standards, subsidies for new green technologies, scrappage schemes, ...) based on quantitative model studies. Kris is co-author of MIRA-MIRA-T 2007 and S 2009 published by the VMM.

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Filip Vanhove is master in Civil Engineering. In his master’s thesis, an analysis was made of the Parkpoort crossroads using the micro simulation model Aimsun2. Later on, he completed a number of projects using Paramics, including the analysis of dynamic traffic management. He also has experience with macroscopic traffic models, amongst others for the computation of emissions of air pollutants and for noise calculations. Through the development and compilation of statistics, he gained a thorough knowledge of the traffic situation on the Belgian motorway network and learned how to handle large amounts of data. Recently he is mainly working on emission modelling of road traffic, inland shipping, maritime transport, rail and aviation.

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Bruno Van Zeebroeck is coordinating transport and mobility projects for regional, federal, national and European public authorities for more than 10 years. His projects concern emission and external costs calculations, welfare impacts, social cost benefit analysis, electric mobility… He is particularly interested in the high societal benefits for our mobility system of active mobility (like cycling) and light electric vehicles (like pedelecs). He obtained a master’s degree in Business Engineering, completed his studies with a “diplôme en affaires publiques” at the UCL in Louvain-La-Neuve and took courses in traffic science, environmental and transportation economics. Before joining TML, he worked within the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau at the establishment of green national accounts.

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Bruno Van Zeebroeck