Environmental Impact Reports

recent projects

Development of a Transport ModelDevelopment of a combined traffic engineering – transport economic model
Environmental Impact Assessment Report Oosterweel ConnectionMobility aspects
Project EIR N60 RonseElaboration discipline Human-Mobility in the Project EIR for the missing link ‘extension N60 Ronse’
EIR and SCBA A102/R11bisElaboration of the mobility aspect within the plan-EIR and SCBA analysis for the Antwerp tangents A102/R11bis
Guidelines EIA Mobility New guidelines for the mobility discipline under the various EIA procedures
MER-AX Brugge-Westkapellethe making of a plan-MER for the construction of the AX between the N31 in Bruges and the N49 in Westkapelle
Impact Study for the New Brussels Postal Sorting CenterMicrosimulations to support the impact study