TRANS-TOOLS is a European transport network model covering both passengers and freight, as well as intermodal transport. It combines advanced modelling techniques in transport generation and assignment.

We are currently running TRANS-TOOLS v2.5, which is the most recent version available.

TRANS-TOOLS website of the European Commission

recent projects

Longer and Heavier VehiclesEffects of adapting the rules on weight and dimensions of heavy commercial vehicles as established within Directive 96/53/EC
Transalpine Road Freight TransportTraffic management systems for transalpine road freight transport
Transport forecasts Gent - TerneuzenTransport forecasts for a new sea lock in Terneuzen
Rail Corridor FStudy exploiting the possibility of creating a rail freight corridor linking Belgium and Poland
TEN-T Planning MethodologyTrans-European Network planning methodology
The Cost of Non-Schengen The direct effects of disbanding the Schengen Area on road transport
ETISplusEuropean Transport Policy Information System: development and implementation of a data collection method for EU transport modelling
HIGH-TOOLHigh-level strategic transport model
iTREN-2030Integrated transport and energy baseline until 2030
ECCONETEffects of climate change on inland waterways and inland shipping competitiveness
Iron RhineBelgium wants to reactivate the Iron Rhine (railway line for freight transport between Antwerp - Weert - Roermond - Duisburg) that has been out of service for a while
Cost Benefit Analysis Corridor 22Study of the completion of the railway link Germany - Greece
COBALTInternalisation of external costs on transport corridors
Rail Freight Market Study Corridor C (Future Corridor 2)Rotterdam-Antwerp-Basel/Lyon
Driving Restrictions Heavy Goods VehiclesDriving restrictions for heavy goods vehicles in the EU