Flemish emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail

The Flemish emission model was developed for the VMM to determine emissions caused by railways, inland waterways and seagoing vessels, for transport of people as well as goods on Flemish territory. For seagoing vessels this includes both emissions at sea and harbour emissions (caused by ships manoeuvring or at berth). The emissions of ships in ports have a substantial share in total emissions of maritime transport for Flanders, with important harbours like Ghent, Antwerp and Zeebrugge. The model is used to make an annual inventory of emissions and to simulate scenarios, taking into account the technological evolutions within the different transport modes.

Scenarios of future emission legislation for international shipping

TML did some simulations with the EMMOSS model to determine the impact of new legislation for maritime transport on NOx and SO2 emissions. These simulations fit in with in a larger study, conducted by Resource analyses and CE Delft.

Update of the model (EMMOSS v2)

In 2009-2010, the model was updated and further improved. The input data and model assumptions were updated for all transport modes considered. Furthermore the emission factors were reviewed.

Belgian emission model for inland shipping, maritime transport and rail

This study for LNE calculated emissions for the same transport modes at the Belgian level, with EMMOSS as the reference tool. Starting from transport demand data for Belgium, but maintaining other assumptions that were made for EMMOSS Flanders, it delivers a simplified estimate of emissions from rail, waterways and shipping in Belgium.

Improvement of the module for seagoing vessels (EMMOSS v3)

In 2013-2014, the model was further improved. These improvements focus on the module for seagoing vessels: refinement of the methodology for tugs, dredgers, fishing vessels and vessels for sand mining.


Final report for EMMOSS v1: 070911Eindrapport.pdf (Dutch)

Paper on 'Maritime Emissions: Modelling and measuring policy effects' by Kris Vanherle


2006 - 2007; update (v2) in 2009-2010; development of v3 in 2013-2014

funded by

Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (Flemish Environmental Agency)


Kris Vanherle, Filip Vanhove, Bruno Van Zeebroeck

partners (EMMOSS v1)



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