Train Scheduling: The Game

Optimisation of train scheduling in a pc simulation game environment

In this project we will build a prototype simulation game around a real optimisation problem planners at a railroad company are faced with. The game will be designed to implicitly reflect a specific planning problem of our pilot customer Infrabel. Within the project, a population of sim gamers will play the game as if it is a typical sim game and generate possible solutions to the planning problem. Post-processing data-mining algorithms will transform the generated solutions from gamers to useful insights for the planner, as such avoiding effort and costs for the pilot customer Infrabel. The game will also provide a competitive alternative to purpose-built optimisation software.



No report available yet


2015 - 2016

funded by



RKW, TriangleFactory, Infrabel


Lars Akkermans, Sven Maerivoet, Kris Vanherle


Kris Vanherle

+32 16 74.51.29
reference: 13.49